Our Story

What our customers are saying...

At Roxas, we aim at creating special ambiences, so people like you can come, unwind and refuel yourself everyday. We have chefs who rock our kitchens and prepare novelties out of their sheer creativity to satiate your palates.

Our mocktails, cocktails and shakes are a mix of tradition and innovation. Ask for your regular drinks and we have them. And if you want something you've never heard of before, our experts at the counter can which up magic. Our Hookah-Man loves to see you trip over the beautiful hookah and sheesha and would love to give you a great high time.

Then again, our amazing disc with its bomb audio is all set for you to dance  your heart out if that's all that you want.

Oh! Also, we are also great conversationalist, so call us over to your table if you're looking for great conversation on drinks, life, politics, movies and even cars!! With this, we welcome you to Roxas.

Go ahead! Choose your pick.

I come here every morning just for the coffee. It's a unique flavor that I can't find anywhere else.





All of the dishes are prepared fresh and with fresh meats and veggies. Everything is so good I can't even pick a favorite.